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Fethiye to Olympos Mini Cruise

Cabin Charter - Traditional Gulet

  • 3 Nights
  • Full Board
  • Crewed
  • Shared
1 Day


Cruising starts between 10:00 - 10:30 from the Fethiye Harbour. Fethiye is a great spot for starting or finishing a gulet cruise and has quite a few islands dotting its coastline adding spice to an already colorful city with a lot of local cuisines to what your taste buds. It is a well-known tourist center in the South West of Turkey and has a lot of bars, restaurants and many different day and night entertainment spots. Fethiye in itself is steeped in history with a number of exciting archeological sites and the area is steeped in layered culture, built over centuries.

Samanlik Bay

Our first stop of the day will be Samanlik bay where you can swim and have lunch. Quite close to Fethiye is Samanlik Bay, this small bay is considered to be a great location for anchoring, even when Fethiye is close by. The slopes leading down to the bay are covered with trees and the waters are cool and inviting.

Oludeniz (The Dead Sea)

Then we will cruise to Ölüdeniz (The Blue Lagoon). Ölüdeniz is Turkish for the Dead Sea, which it derives from the calm waters that seem to shine like a pane of glass all year round. It is one of the most visited and popular tourist spots on the Turquoise Coast of southwestern Turkey. The blue lagoon sits within a pebble beach enclosure, and the waters are crystal clear, aquamarine and differing shade so of blue. Behind the town is Mount Babadağ, that sets the pace for the paragliding community. This is considered to be one of the best and most beautiful paraglide locations in the world. For visitors arriving by yacht, this is a great place for snorkeling and scuba diving, since the lagoon has plenty of small underwater caves and a lot of interesting fauna and sea life.

Gemiler Island

St. Nicholas (Gemiler Island) is considered to be the resting place of St. Nicholas, or what we all know as Santa Claus, who is also the Patron Saint of Sailors. During the early Christian era, this was a very active island with a lot of trade and commerce. It his home to some Byzantine ruins and St. Nicholas’ tomb. The island is now a pilgrimage site, as well as a favored day stop for yachts. Dinner and overnight stay will be in this lovely bay. 

2 Day

Firnaz Bay

Around sunrise departure to Firnaz Bay near Kalkan for breakfast & swimming. It is possible to see the deep blue sea and the creatures living underwater in Firnaz Bay. There is only one beach in the bay and there is a mud bath which is believed to rejuvenate people on the beach. The bay is also very popular for diving enthusiasts. In addition, it is possible to see ancient ruins all over this bay surrounded by wide slopes


Our boat will be anchored at the Kas Harbour so that you can get off the board and visit this small charming fishing village. Kas was once a small fishing village, today it is a growing tourist town with a nice marina and perfect conditions for scuba diving. In fact, Kas is considered to be one of Turkey’s main diving centers and it delivers in every sense. 

Quite close to the harbor is an ancient amphitheater, and around the harbor are plenty of small restaurants and tavern providing fresh seafood meals. 


East of Kas is the island of Kekova. In a bay near Kekova, we stop for swimming, dinner & the 2nd night. Kekova is a protected region and is uninhabited. You will most probably anchor off the island, and you can visit the area to enjoy the amazing views, clear turquoise seas and ancient ruins.

3 Day

Simena (Kalekoy)

We will cruise to the Sunken City of Kekova in Simena. (this Lycian Roman archaeological site is here protected, so only looking!). Simena, a traditional Turkish fishing village with no access by car. There is a Byzantine/Ottoman castle. Simena houses a large necropolis, and together with its location provide a natural beauty of harsh and soft. The turquoise waters that’s lap on the sandy beaches, provide a perfect relaxing swimming experience to all visitors.


This amazingly beautiful location sits opposite three islands, Asirli island, Kiseli island and Kasirli island. Entering the harbor of Gokkaya usually happens when coming from Kekova, and is made by sailing between the islands of Asirli and Kiseli. The deep channel provides ample protection from the rocks of Martini Kayagligi. What is amazing about this bay is the cold spring waters that filter down from the mountains and flow int the bay. This cause the waters to have two temperature levels, a cooler upper layer and a warmer lower level. Apart from the sea and the islands, you also get access to the ancient Acropolis found in the ancient city of Istlada, which sits beside the town of Kapakli. There are sarcophagi and stele shaped tombs, some with inscriptions from the 4th century, the most famous tomb is that of Hoyran. 

In Gokkaya Bay optional water sports are available. Dinner and overnight stay will be in Gokkaya Bay.

4 Day

Pirate Cave

After breakfast, we have a look at the Pirates Cave before cruising to Demre (Andriake) harbor.

Blue Cave is also known as Pirates Cave, due to its geographical location it was once an ideal place for Pirates to lay in wait for trade ships that journeyed along the Mediterranean sea. Today the Cave can be reached only by boat. Blue cave has gained its name from the dazzling blue hue of the water. You can swim through the low entrance in the cliff face and marvel at the sapphire stone walls as the sunlight bounces of the sea filling the cave with blue light. At the mouth of Blue Cave is a low ledge from which you can launch yourself into the crystal clear water. Even non-swimmers can enjoy the beautiful Blue Cave as you can paddle inside by canoe from gulet yacht or drift in with a small dinghy. 


What makes Demre popular are its Church of St. Nicholas and the Myra Rock Tombs, nestled in the mountain, carved out of the mountainside. The Taurus mountains behind Demre give it a contrasting green and brown against the clear blue sky and the twinkling azure sea. There are many archeological finds dotted around this peninsula, so if you are interested in the ancient legends of Turkey and Greece, this is one area you will want to study closely.


Disembarkation between 11:00 - 12:00 in Demre (Andriake) harbor. The bus transfer is available from here to the main road in Olympos.

* Please note that; depending on sea and weather conditions, captain reserves the right to make necessary changes to the tour itinerary to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.


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  • Traditional Gulet
  • 3 Night - 4 Days
  • Tuesday, Saturday
  • Fethiye Harbor
  • 11:00
  • Antalya Harbor
  • 13:00 After Breakfast
from 380 € Full Board
Fethiye to Olympos Mini Cruise Traditional Gulet
Fethiye to Olympos Mini Cruise Traditional Gulet

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