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Charter Reviews

Yacht Charter Reviews

Testimonials and Recommendations

Saskia Gold Germany/Köln Ceo 3 9.3 / 10
Perfect week on the sea
We had a very nice week on Ceo 3 with a very friendly and attentive crew. The food was great and so was the Gulet.
waterski was broken
K.D. Germany/Frankfurt Bedia Sultan 10 / 10
Fantastically beautiful
The food was very good and always fresh. The handling of the crew with privacy. The route was wonderful. The very personal and relaxed atmosphere.
The only thing we've ever noticed (in all three generations) was the really tough mattresses.
But that's really the only thing ...
Cornelia Hempe Germany/Feldafing Caner 4 10 / 10
All in all: we have been on the boat for the 6th time, that surely speaks for itself !!! All new passengers really want to join us again next year! That too says everything!
The crew does an excellent job! Always friendly and discreet! We all felt very well! The captain has a top team! As the saying goes, the fish stinks from the head! If the head is okay, the rest of the team is right! Everything was super clean! Food is very varied and absolutely the best! It is not getting better! The agency, especially Erkan Ari, was incredibly eager to arrange the transfer, and also to rent a piano! He was always helpful from the beginning until the end of the tour!
We sailed only 1 x! but was also due to the weather and the tour! 1 x more would have been desirable!
Kate Legg USA/Seattle Didi 10 / 10
Good food, sights and sailing on Gulet Didi!
The crew was awesome! Our chef made the most delicious meals from fresh food that we selected ourselves. Interacting with Mehmet, the main crew member looking after me and my husband, was hands down the best part of our trip. Mehmet ensured we always had what we needed in a discreet way and was always a step ahead of us. The captain was incredibly kind and walked us through the maps of all of the places that we would be visiting. He also made multiple suggestions for anchorage at locations that we hadn't planned on visiting, which was brilliant. The sailor on the boat was also incredibly kind and was constantly ensuring my husband and I had what we need.
No massive issues, but we were expecting the shopping for food and goods to have been done prior to our arrival. We completed our preferences and planned out our meals assuming that would be the case. Also, due to using a generator the air conditioning in the cabins cut out during the middle of the evening and we would need to wake someone to start the generator again. Not a massive worry, but caused us to not sleep as well as we were hoping.
Hans-Peter Popp Germany/Roth, Bavyera Dreamland 9.6 / 10
We will be back!
This time it was really luxury! The Gulet - Dreamland - was well equipped, the cabins generous, the bathrooms really offer space and were cleaned daily on the finest and tidy. The chef is in a class of its own, the kitchen was very varied, there were several fish in excellent quality! The Kaptan is extremely friendly and accommodating and very competent. For us, it was an unforgettable week in the beautiful Turkish coastline.
The "endless search for a parking space" in the port of Bodrum at the end of the journey.
Fiona Reid South Africa/Salt Rock Bedia Sultan 10 / 10
The most fun you can have in 7 days
The Bedia Sultan is really beautiful - the woodwork, attention to detail and the comfortable spaces. We loved it and it was always the best yacht in the ports. Mel and her team are amazing - nothing was too Koch trouble and they forethought everything we needed, great service and lovely personalities. The food was amazing - really delicious and varied, all of it was good. Hasan is a perfectionist, cool-headed but easy to work with when we wanted to change our itinerary he gave us the best advice and accommodated is so we had the best experience. The coastline is magnificent, crystal clear waters and gorgeous scenery. We fell in love with everything in Turkey and had the most wonderful week.
No complaints - the team at Bedia Sultan run a really professional show.
P.D.L. Portugal/Lisbon Maske 2 9.3 / 10
Fantastic fun and relaxing week!
The Crew (all) was very friendly, flexible and always available to address our needs and desires.
Francesco (Agency representative) reception was very professional and friendly
The food was very good (the Chef was always trying to do his best)
The yacht is very nice
Hot in the rooms during the night between ~3 am and 7 am (AC was switched off at approximately midnight)

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