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Yacht Charter Reviews

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Domenico.C / Bedia Sultan 10 / 10
All was fantastic
All was fantastic, crew amazing , food very good , boat very clean and amazing ; was amazing trip
Richard.W USA/Miami Grace 9.6 / 10
Amazing yacht and charter - perfect way to spend a week with family/friends
Wonderful yacht and layout. We had twelve people and never felt like we were stepping on top of each other. The crew, as always, made the trip. They were a pleasure to sail with, were overly accommodating, and the chef certainly made the trip incredibly special
The only thing that could have been better is that we added a jetski to our package and it was out of commission for about 3 of the 7 days. Beyond our control was the fact that Greece was closed but the silver lining here was that we spent more time together and less exploring towns etc.
Roman.R USA/Brooklyn Bedia Sultan 10 / 10

Too much food
Serdar.A Turkey/Istanbul Sea Life S 7.3 / 10
A nice holiday
The interest and interest of the captain, assistant captain and agent was very good. Meals and treats were tasty and in sufficient quantity. Visited bays were beautiful and complete. The route was carefully chosen.
Continuous bad odor in bathrooms due to the use of used water (unfiltered gray water) instead of clean water that should be used in the toilet system of the boat.
Heike.G Germany/Zornheim Blue Diamond 7.6 / 10
The boat was very nice, although a bit older and in need of renovation here and there. We had a very good time on board. Kudos to the cook Huseyin and the skipper Ozgan. Wonderful water crystal clear turquoise blue. Magnificent sunrises and sunsets. Gladly again.
Andrea.B Sweden/Vesenaz Dreamland 8.6 / 10
Our vacation was very relaxing and a lot of fun!
We very much appreciated the service offered by Hulya. Hulya was available at all times of the day and provided us with a great experience! The crew were very friendly throughout the trip.
The captain was not very keen on sailing a lot. He often took us to places that were not very beautiful and very busy. He didn't want to navigate certain places that we wanted.
Irène.C Luxembourg/Luxembourg Barba 4.6 / 10
By and large, OK
Croatia as a country was beautiful and similar to Turkey. Just a little less hot.
The barba was nice and coarse and was not too narrow. Enough berths and so on ...
- Only one bath towel per week for inside and outside (except for two mini ones in the bathroom, but never changed) !!! Really bad. Have no washing facilities.
- The cabins and the ship were never cleaned! Beds had to be made by yourself and sheets never changed.
- Crew quite inflexible and inefficient. Kapitan always in a bad mood and quickly annoyed. Cook very nice but totally overwhelmed! The sailor lady has almost nothing to do because it is only possible to land on land once. And the lady for the serving service was a little friendlier but totally clumsy and overwhelmed. Neither of them cleaned up or cleaned.
- Food was disastrously below the value paid for. Think the value never exceeded the hundred euros per day for the 13 people. Over half of the people always had to do without so that the others were somewhat satisfied and full. Had reported at the beginning that not enough, then meat on the day (not really good), otherwise mainly based on potatoes and salad. Much better in Turkey.

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