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7 Nights Cruise From Corfu

Gulet Charter Route - 7 Nights / 8 Days

Day 1
Corfu Island The biggest port in the Greek Ioanian sea is Corfu. This busy bustling port has ferries that run between Corfu town and Italy as well as the Adriatic. When you arrive, you will settle into your yacht and get acquainted with your captain and crew, also have a sit down with your personal chef so that he/she knows what extra items you might desire during your voyage. This night will be your first on board meal, and you will have your first taste of true decadence and enjoyment.
Corfu Island Corfu Town is the biggest port in the whole of the Greek Ionian and ferries run between the Town and Italy across the Adriatic and to the Greek mainland at Igoumenitsa. You can board your charter yacht in mid-afternoon but departure is not until the next day. Dinner is served on board that night in the harbour. There are three popular moorings around the Town with the yacht club north of the Castle. 
1 Miles / 0:15 Hour
Day 2
Sivota Mourtos Island
One of the loveliest fishing villages on Corfu is Mourtos. This little village sits on the southern coastline and is about three miles south of Plataria. As with many small fishing ports dotted around the coastline of Corfu, Mourtos is becoming more popular with visitors, and the number of visiting yachts grows annually and enjoying the local cuisine.
Sivota Mourtos Island
The Greek fishing village of Mourtos is on the Greek Mainland across from the southern coastline of Corfu. It is three miles south of Plataria and six miles south of Igoumenitsa. In recent times, it has become popular with visitors with the little harbor now welcoming yachts as well as fishing boats. The quay has many tourist bars and restaurants.
24 Miles / 2:30 Hour
Day 3
Parga (Mainland)
Just 25 miles northwest of Preveza nestles the lovely town of Parga. This small town is dominated by a large Venetian castle that sits prominently over the peninsula, and acts as a man-made landmark for sailors. The area has a number of interesting sites and relaxing beaches, however anchoring off shore is limited, and you will be able to berth in Ormos Valtou which is just northwest of Parga, since they have good protection from the winds.
Parga (Mainland)
Parga is 25 miles North West of Preveza and 15 South East of Igoumenitsa.  An impressive Venetian castle dominates not only the town but also the peninsula, acting as a landmark on your arrival. The only real berth for visiting yachts is to the North West Ormos Valtou where there is the long beach West of Parga. There is good shelter from the prevailing winds.
13 Miles / 1:30 Hour
Day 4
Gaios (Paxos Island)
Gaios is a picturesque town with a beautiful Venetian square. This amazing jewel is sheltered by the islet of Agios Nikolaos, named after the monastery on the island. Gaios is a very popular tourist spot due to its amazing beauty. The waterfront of Gaios is populated by many cafes, taverna and shops, and there is a very lively night life. Many a yacht and tourist will be found coming here from Corfu or the mainland to enjoy a 24 hour visit to this amazing town.
13 Miles / 1:30 Hour
Day 5
Petriti (Corfu Island)
10 miles south of Corfu town sits Petriti, this quiet fishing harbor has a 100-meter sea wall that starts form the north of the bay all the way down to the south, and this shelters the inlet from winds and heavy seas. Added to this is a 50-meter breakwater that offers plenty of anchorage for visiting yachts. Petriti is a great place to visit when sailing along the coast of Corfu.
Petriti (Corfu Island)
Petriti is a quiet fishing harbour 10 miles South of Corfu Town. There is a 100 metre sea wall from the north of the Bay heading south. It is fairly sheltered from the prevailing North West Winds. The reef to the south of the harbour reduces the swells when the winds blow from the south. There is 50 metres of the breakwater externally where visiting yachts can anchor bows to or stern to.
20 Miles / 2:00 Hour
Day 6
Sayiadha (Mainland)
Near the Albanian border to Greece is the small harbor town of Sayiadha. This tadeonal Greek town with a not so traditional Greek name is a great place to visit, especially if you want to taste some of their local dishes including their famous prawn dish served at the Alekos Taverna, considered to be one of the best places to eat prawn in all the Ionian.
Sayiadha (Mainland)
Sayiadha is a traditional Greek harbor on the Greek Mainland near to the border of Albania. It is now open to the public and provides good facilities for yachts. If you want a meal, try the prawns at Alekos Taverna, reputedly the best taverna in the Ionian Island Group.
16 Miles / 1:45 Hour
Day 7
Gouvia Marina (Corfu Island)
Gouvia Marina is one of the many marina’s dotted around Corfu. Corfu is essentially a modern historical island where the British ruled during the 19th Century, after they defeated Napoleon and later won the Napoleonic wars.  The island has a lot to offer, and the town of Corfu is globally famous, serving tourists for over half a century.
Gouvia Marina (Corfu Island)
Gouvia Marina is three miles to the North West of Corfu Town. It has all the facilities expected of a modern marina though we would suggest that after docking you go to either Corfu Town or Gouvia Town to enjoy the infrastructure there. Corfu has been popular with European tourists, particularly the British who ‘’ruled’’ here in the 19th Century.
18 Miles / 2:00 Hour
Day 8
Gouvia Town (Corfu Island)
Corfu town is a great place to end your journey. After arriving back in the port, you will disembark at 10:30am. This is a great time to visit the town and enjoy all that Corfu has to offer. We always suggest you add a day to your vacation for Corfu. After relaxing on land, and stretching your legs with a view of this amazing town, you will take back a lot of amazing memories and experiences back home.
Gouvia Town (Corfu Island)
The guests will leave the yacht with precious memories of the tour by 10:30am after a hearty breakfast.Just as it was a great place to start, Corfu is also a great place to finish. There are a lot of bars and eateries in Gouvia Town that we suggest you explore. We will provide you with recommendations of places to try, both from our own use and from testimonials offered by past clients.  
1 Miles / 0:15 Hour
Start / End: Corfu / Corfu
Sailing Area: Greek Islands
Total cruise 106 Miles / 10:45 Hour

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