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Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik Gulet Charter Route

7 Nights / 8 Days
Start / End: Dubrovnik / Dubrovnik
Duration: 7 Nights / 8 Days
Sailing Area: Croatia
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Day 1

Dubrovnik, “The pearl of the Adriatic” is a medieval walled city on the coastline of Croatia and one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Resplendent white washed walls, old buildings, and architectural facades all walled in behind a 1,970 long meter medieval wall, facing the clear blue waters of the Adriatic. Welcome to Dubrovnik, once you come and visit, you will never forget.  Walk down the twisted paths and swim in the azure sea, relax with a delicious meal and watch the sunset. Visit local museums or just haggle in the market. Dubrovnik will amaze you, every time you visit.

Lopud Island

Lopud is a lovely small island just outside of Dubrovnik. This little gem provides great swimming waters and is a great way to end your charter. Lopus is part of the Elafiti Islands group and you will anchor in a gorgeous bay where 16th century architecture will take you on a walk-through time. Enjoy the local cuisine and immerse yourself one last time in wonderful Mediterranean island culture, and learn about how the Lopud se-farers ruled the waves.

The day's cruise
1 Miles
0:15 Hour
Day 2

When visiting the island of Mljet you must anchor at Luka Polace. This virtually landlocked marina is stunningly beautiful and is also a gateway to Mljet National Park that lies between Polace and Pomena. The best way to get around on land will be to hire a bicycle, and enjoy the breeze and scenery as you explore the saltwater lakes.

The day's cruise
30 Miles
3:00 Hour
Day 3

If its vineyards and olive trees you like, then you must stop on the island of Lastovo. This island, located along the Dalmatian coast, and is one of the most remote of the islands.  Lastovo also boasts many Venetian style buildings and the sea life here is considered to be the most abundant in the area.

The day's cruise
29 Miles
3:00 Hour
Day 4
Korčula Island

Korčula is the birth island of Marco Polo, the famous explorer that ventured along the Silk Road all the way to China. The island of Korčula is built over an ancient Hellenic colony, so its history is over 2,500 years old. The island is located in the Dalmatian coast and is connected to the mainland via a frequent ferry. Korčula is renowned for its cultural heritage and birthplace of many a famous artist. The town on Korčula (aptly named Korčula) boasts an amazing red roofline that hides the most delicious local cuisine. Local sweet dishes such as Cukarin, Rožata and Klašun will go well after a classic seafood dish of freshly caught crabs, mussles and angle fish. Local wine is also exceptional, and includes such names as Plavac, Pošip and Rukatac. If you desire to visit around the island you will find Badija, a small islet that houses a Fransican Abbey. There are many small islets dotting the area, so for the more explorative visitor, this is a great place to enjoy.

The day's cruise
15 Miles
1:30 Hour
Day 5

The island of Mljet is home to many small villages and ports, one of which is the harbor of Sobra. This beautiful little gem of a place offers you quiet restaurants with amazing view. What is really great is that you can moor anywhere in the bay, since the restaurants have all laid private mooring lines to attract sea travelers.

The day's cruise
48 Miles
5:00 Hour
Day 6
Sipanska Luka

Only 17 kilometers north of Dubrovnik you will find Šipan, the beautiful and largest island of the Elaphiti range. Its largest town is Sipanska Luka, and the island was glorified by the Croat nobility in the middle ages, building 44 mansions and 32 churches in total, and housed around 2,000 residents. Today the island hosts 150 inhabitants and a lot of visiting tourists.

The day's cruise
14 Miles
1:30 Hour
Day 7
Cavtat Town

One of the exciting points on the Croatian riviera is Cavtat. This lovely town is located approximately 20 kilometers south of Dubrovnik and like a lot of the Croatian coastal towns is a pearl of beauty nestled in green and surrounded by blue. With over 1,000 years of history, Cavtat harbor is a must stop for visitors, especially when you want a quiet anchor that provides access to some of the loveliest bars and restaurants this coast provides.

The day's cruise
21 Miles
2:15 Hour
Day 8

When arriving at Dubrovnik, before you dash off to your luxury cruise, take a day to enjoy the city. This is amazing Dubrovnik, “the pearl of the Adriatic”. With its eclectic mix of architecture, winding streets and large fortified walls. Dubrovnik will start your vacation off with excitement, wonder, and exuberanc. Unlimited cultural experiences alongside local cuisine served in every type of establishment, from cafes to night clubs, and a myriad of exceptional photo shoots, you will never forget Dubrovnik, and will find that one day is not enough to truly experience all that this amazing city has to offer.  

The day's cruise
9 Miles
1:00 Hour

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