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Dubrovnik to Split Gulet Charter Route

7 Nights / 8 Days
Start / End: Dubrovnik / Split
Duration: 7 Nights / 8 Days
Sailing Area: Croatia
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Day 1

Dubrovnik, “The pearl of the Adriatic” is a medieval walled city on the coastline of Croatia and one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Resplendent white washed walls, old buildings, and architectural facades all walled in behind a 1,970 long meter medieval wall, facing the clear blue waters of the Adriatic. Welcome to Dubrovnik, once you come and visit, you will never forget.  Walk down the twisted paths and swim in the azure sea, relax with a delicious meal and watch the sunset. Visit local museums or just haggle in the market. Dubrovnik will amaze you, every time you visit.

Šipan Island

Only 17 kilometers north of Dubrovnik nestles "the golden island" of Šipan. This is a historical location, already cited as far back as the 14th Century, and was the preferred site for the rich Dubrovnik residents in the 15th Century. Here, they built beautiful palazzo’s, and holiday villas. Šipan island is the largest in the Elaphiti Islands chain, it’s like a nature reserve, providing lush vegetation and pristine beaches where you can enjoy a relaxing time under the sun.

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Day 2
Mljet Island

When sailing to Croatia, you must anchor off Mjet. This is the greenest island, thick with vegetation bordering on clear sandy beaches. The sea life surrounding this island is as abundant as the foliage covering its surface. The residents of this island are renowned for their olives, goat cheese and red and white wines. The northern side of this island is home to the world famous Mljet National Park.

The day's cruise
25 Miles
2:30 Hour
Day 3
Korčula Island

Korčula is the birth island of Marco Polo, the famous explorer that ventured along the Silk Road all the way to China. The island of Korčula is built over an ancient Hellenic colony, so its history is over 2,500 years old. The island is located in the Dalmatian coast and is connected to the mainland via a frequent ferry. Korčula is renowned for its cultural heritage and birthplace of many a famous artist. The town on Korčula (aptly named Korčula) boasts an amazing red roofline that hides the most delicious local cuisine. Local sweet dishes such as Cukarin, Rožata and Klašun will go well after a classic seafood dish of freshly caught crabs, mussles and angle fish. Local wine is also exceptional, and includes such names as Plavac, Pošip and Rukatac. If you desire to visit around the island you will find Badija, a small islet that houses a Fransican Abbey. There are many small islets dotting the area, so for the more explorative visitor, this is a great place to enjoy.

The day's cruise
37 Miles
3:45 Hour
Day 4
Hvar Island

If its beautiful beaches, exclusive bays, and exceptional nightlife you are seeking, then don't look further than Hvar. This amazing 299.6 square mile island is one of Croatia's most popular sites and is a preferred destination of jet-setters seeking romantic meals and wild parties. This island is part of the Dalmatian archipelago and the action is all focused into the Islands namesake city, Hvar. If you want to anchor in a more secluded location, you will find the Pakleni Islands chain nearby.

The day's cruise
20 Miles
2:00 Hour
Day 5
Vis Island

While sailing along the Dalmatian coastline up the Adriatic sea you will encounter the ancient land of Vis, that was first populated back in pre-history by the Greek tyrant of Syracuse, Dionysius the Elder. Issa was the first colony on Vis and ever since then has been populated by locals. The town of Vis is found in a secluded bay and the island is one of Croatia’s best kept secret tourist spots. With its beautiful beaches and hidden coves, dotted with bays and boats. Vis is a must visit for any discerning tourist seeking a quiet respite.

The day's cruise
15 Miles
1:30 Hour
Day 6
Brač Island

Brač Island is the third largest island in the Adriatic. This island provides visitors with ample local culture, gastronomy, bays and beaches. There are many great hotels for all budgets, and when visiting this lovely jewel you will be completely immersed in Adriatic culture.

The day's cruise
27 Miles
2:45 Hour
Day 7

Split is the largest city on the Adriatic coastline. Sticking out like a protrusion into the sea, the city is surrounded on three sides by the clear waters of the Adriatic. Home to world famous Stari Grad, the old city, Split boasts every luxury you can fantasize about. From the simple local eateries to jet-setting Michelin star restaurants. From night clubs to water adventure parks. This is a city big enough to get lost in and small enough to enjoy that.

The day's cruise
21 Miles
2:15 Hour
Day 8

At the end of a charter holiday, and following a hearty breakfast, guests leave their charter yacht with wonderful memories of their time at sea. If you sailed out of Split without getting a chance to explore it, you must surely make time to do so after the end of your yacht charter. 

The day's cruise
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