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14 Nights North Adriatic Gulet Charter Route

14 Nights / 15 Days
Start / End: Split / Split
Duration: 14 Nights / 15 Days
Sailing Area: Croatia
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Day 1
Marina Kaštela

Marina Kaštela is a modern marina that was recently built in Croatia. Located in the south east side of Kaštela Bay, this marina provides excellent access to the Adriatic Sea. The Marina Kaštela provides secure harbor for visiting private and charter yachts. The closest airport is Split, which is only 7 kilometers away, making this marina an exceptional pick up and drop off location.

Šolta Island

If you are near the city of Split then you have to visit the Island of Šolta, this beautiful island lies 9 nautical miles off the coast of Split. Šolta is only 19 kilometers long and has 24 bays that support a multitude of local boats and visiting yachts. When visiting this exceptional spot, try the south coats where you will find the more vibrant coves, bays and beaches. Obviously, when visiting Šolta you have to dine on the local delicacies.

The day's cruise
1 Miles
0:15 Hour
Day 2
The Kornati Archipelago

Kornati is a string of mostly uninhabited islands, also known as the Stomorski islands. This archipelago is made up of around 140 islands and is found in the northern part of Dalmatia coastline. The area is known as the Nacionalni Park Kornati and is considered to be a visiting sailors delight. With hundreds of secluded coves and bays, and over 100 islands to land on and explore, you will collect thousands of memories from this beautiful area. The islands are all covered in dense shrubbery, and the final destination you want to choose is Ravni Zakan island, where you can berth for the night and enjoy a local meal in the small restaurant.

The day's cruise
54 Miles
5:30 Hour
Day 3
Molat Island

If you seek a peaceful spot to visit along the dalmatian coast, then the island of Molat is your best choice. This small island of 200 residents is close to Zadar and provides a great spot to anchor.

The day's cruise
35 Miles
3:30 Hour
Day 4
Mali Lošinj

When visiting the Kvarner Gulf region in the northern Adriatic, you must sail to Lošinj. This small island is home to lush vegetation, and calm waters. The island is known as ‘the island of vitality’, for all its visitors get recharged when staying here. The harbor town of Mali Lošinj is shaped like a crescent and provides an excellent green hill scenery dotted with white houses and red rooves. Lošinj is in the Cres-Lošinj archipelago, which includes Cres and Lošinj, Unije, Ilovik, Susak, Vele Srakane, Male Srakane and a some uninhabited small islands.

The day's cruise
30 Miles
3:00 Hour
Day 5
The City of Pula

Pula is an ancient Roman town and is the largest city in Istria. With roots dating back to the Neolithic era, Pula is a sprawling city of 90,000 residents in its metropolitan area, and a Roman amphitheater in pristine condition. Pula offers all the modern convinces together with ancient architecture. This is one of the leading riviera resort towns in Istria.

The day's cruise
39 Miles
4:00 Hour
Day 6

When visiting the Istrian coastline, you have to consider Rovinj. This beautiful and popular holiday resort is well known for its picturesque scenery. The town itself is an old romantic, with its tourist wealthy culture. There are plenty of small secluded restaurants providing excellent local cuisine along side world famous restaurants providing eclectic succulent dishes. Rovinj is a must stop location when sailing along the riviera coastline, and is best visited during the holiday seasons when everything is open.

The day's cruise
18 Miles
2:00 Hour
Day 7
Brijuni Islands

The Brijuni Archipelago is made up of 14 small islands that are located southwest off the coast of Pula in Istria. These islands are a Mediterranean holiday resort as well as a Croatian National Park and provide ample vegetation and comfort to visitors. The largest of the islands is called Veliki Brijun Island, which is a leading tourist stop for the archipelago.

The day's cruise
13 Miles
1:30 Hour
Day 8
Cres Island

Cres is Croatia’s largest island, and it’s the largest island in the Adriatic. Actually, Cres and Krk both vie for this title. The island is located in the Gulf of Kvarner and is home to one of Europe’s deepest fresh water lakes, Lake Vrana. The island is 66 kilometers long and has an extensive roadway system connecting the many small villages and towns crisscrossing the islands coastline and interior.

The day's cruise
32 Miles
3:15 Hour
Day 9

Opatija is a seaside resort along the Gulf of Kvarner. This picturesque town is noted for its Austrian architecture and is famous for its spas and wellness. The long promenade named Lungomare spans the coastline and gives access to many beautiful beaches. Due to this towns spa history it is site to many impressive buildings, restaurants, and cultural monuments. Gustav Mahler, the famous composer visited regularly and was inspired by this Opatija and the surrounding scenery.

The day's cruise
30 Miles
3:00 Hour
Day 10
Krk Island

Krk is considered to the largest island in the Adriatic, located in the Bay of Kvarner near Rijecka, and competing for this title with neighboring Cres. Krk is a very active island with many villages and towns that dot the coastline. You will find a modern thriving society that offers exclusive attractions and clubs along side pristine beaches and amazing eateries. If it’s a fun time in the Adriatic you seek, then Krk is the place to visit.

The day's cruise
26 Miles
2:45 Hour
Day 11
Rab Island

Rab island is found in the Kvarner gulf and is considered to be one of the most luscious and greenest places to visit out of all the Adriatic islands. The pine forests coat its surface from coast to coast, and the medieval town of Rab (named like the island) provides local attractions, culture and delicious menus. Among the hundreds of places to visit, you must see Zavratnica, this is a dramatic secluded cove that is magical in its beauty.

The day's cruise
21 Miles
2:15 Hour
Day 12
The City of Zadar

Zadar is a Dalmatian city famous for its history and culture, making Zadar a popular tourist city. It is, in fact, the oldest continuously inhabited Croatian city dating back to when it was called Lader by the 9th century BCE Illyrian tribe. This gives Zadar 3,000 years of continuous inhabitance. Zadar sprits many Roman buildings preserved perfectly as well as the countless styles that were added on over the ages. One of the greatest attractions is the famous sea organ, the worlds first such sound art piece that makes harmonic sounds from the waves of the sea.

The day's cruise
51 Miles
5:15 Hour
Day 13

Vodice is a local tourist sea side town that has pebble and sand beaches. It is located in the Šibenik-Knin county located in the north-central part of Dalmatia. The town has a history back to the Romans, and during the 15th century was part of the Venetian republic.


Vodice is a local tourist sea side town that has pebble and sand beaches. It is located in the Šibenik-Knin county located in the north-central part of Dalmatia. The town has a history back to the Romans, and during the 15th century was part of the Venetian republic.

The day's cruise
38 Miles
4:00 Hour
Day 14

Don’t try to choose between Trogir or Split. Both offer abundant cultural, historical and culinary perfection in exuberance.  Both are unique, and it would be like comparing Paris to Rome, both magnificent, both different, both must be visited. So, if you don’t have a choice in the matter and can only pick one, flip a coin and let fate decide.

The day's cruise
29 Miles
3:00 Hour
Day 15
Marina Kaštela

Your luxury yacht charter ends early-morning after breakfast and you are likely to already have some lovely memories of your time in the stunning waters of the Dalmatian Coast.

The day's cruise
9 Miles
1:00 Hour

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