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Šibenik - Šibenik Gulet Charter Route

7 Nights / 8 Days
Start / End: Sibenik / Sibenik
Duration: 7 Nights / 8 Days
Sailing Area: Croatia
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Day 1

Sibenik is the oldest native Croat town on the eastern shores of the Croatian coastline and is located in central Dalmatia. It is home to the UNESCO World Heritage site of St. James Cathedral, which was founded in 1431.  This town came under the venetian republic for over three centuries, so its architecture and culture are all marked with that amazing Venetian touch. Visitors to Sibenik will enjoy many festivals all year round.  The city also contains four large fortresses that were built up from the Christian-Muslim wars against the Ottoman incursions. The cities unique architecture and Venetian design provides ample attractions, combined with local and ethnic dishes as well as hundreds of small picturesque photo opportunities, make Sibenik an exceptional experience.

Zlarin Island

Zlarin is a small island off the Dalmatian coast opposite the city of Šibenik. Zlarin is a tourist attraction that opens up fully in the season. At winter the island tends to empty, and in the summer, it is home to around 270 residents. The island is best known for its red coral, and every year sailors and tourists come to look at the coral reefs surrounding the island. The island provides anchorage as well as a jetty to moor against. If you prefer you can anchor off the small uninhabited island of Tijat, which is just north of Zlarin.

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Day 2
Kaprije Island

One of the islands in the Šibenik archipelago is Kaprije. This small island is home to around 100 residents and is popular due to its vineyards and olive groves. When visiting the island of Kaprije you can either anchor in the cove of Nozdra, or moor in Kaprije harbor. It doesn’t matter where you locate yourself, the island boasts the famous Knoba Matteo restaurant. This island has no cars, all the touring is by bicycle or walking.

The day's cruise
7 Miles
0:45 Hour
Day 3
The Kornati Archipelago

Kornati is a string of mostly uninhabited islands, also known as the Stomorski islands. This archipelago is made up of around 140 islands and is found in the northern part of Dalmatia coastline. The area is known as the Nacionalni Park Kornati and is considered to be a visiting sailors delight. With hundreds of secluded coves and bays, and over 100 islands to land on and explore, you will collect thousands of memories from this beautiful area. The islands are all covered in dense shrubbery, and the final destination you want to choose is Ravni Zakan island, where you can berth for the night and enjoy a local meal in the small restaurant.

The day's cruise
23 Miles
2:30 Hour
Day 4
Dugi Island

Dugi Otok is an island in the Dalmatian sea just off Zadar. Its name means Long island and it’s the seventh largest island in the Adriatic Sea. Dugi Otok is home to Telašćica, a nature park that covers the southern part of the island. Most of the villages are located on the east coastline, with Sali the largest town. You will find salt lakes and an abundance of boneyards and olive trees covering this island. Sali is the best place to moor for gathering supplies, as well as setting off on an excursion of the island.  If you want to visit the nature park, its best to moor off its shore and tie up against one of the many buoys.

The day's cruise
16 Miles
1:45 Hour
Day 5
Žut Island

The second largest island in the Kornati chain is Otok Zut. This fabulous stop over is very popular and therefore quite busy. There is am ACI marina located on the western coast, so we suggest you stick to the north east coast for a more relaxed visit.  The island is actually situated only 2 miles from Kornat island, and this channel provides a lot of sea traffic, which can be exciting at times.

The day's cruise
14 Miles
1:30 Hour
Day 6
Krka National Park

The Krka National Park is nestled in the territory of Šibenik-Knin County and covers an area of 109 square kilometers all along the Krka River.  The Krka National Park contains the Krka Waterfalls which are surrounded by second highest concentration of lavender in Europe. If you have an allergy to bees or wasps, stay away form this area (seriously). The Krka river is home to eighteen different species of fish including the brown trout. Therefore fishing is a popular sport along the Krka river. The most beautiful section of the park is Skradinski buk has a massive, clear, natural pool with high waterfalls on one end of the area, and water cascades at the other. The best way to get to this park is to moor in Skradin marina, where you will hire a water taxi.

The day's cruise
33 Miles
3:30 Hour
Day 7

Getting to Šibenik from either Skradin or Vrgada will provide you with a day of sailing. Let’s start off with the Vrgada option, if you anchored here, then you will enjoy a one day sail all the way to Šibenik, via the Murter and Zut islands for enjoyment. The trip itself is only a couple of hours, but don’t rush, enjoy the islands dotted along the way.  If you are in Skradin, then you would best sail along the Krka River and stop at the Krka National park to enjoy an excursion there. Krka national park is an amazing and a refreshing respite. Krka National park is a jewel to be visited by anyone sailing along the Adriatic, you must sail up the Krka and enjoy the beautiful scenery and stations on the way.

The day's cruise
5 Miles
0:30 Hour
Day 8

After arrival in Šibenik, you should explore the town if you haven’t already done so. 

The day's cruise
7 Miles
0:45 Hour

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