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Split - Split Gulet Charter Route

7 Nights / 8 Days
Start / End: Split / Split
Duration: 7 Nights / 8 Days
Sailing Area: Croatia
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Day 1

Split is the largest city on the Adriatic coastline. Sticking out like a protrusion into the sea, the city is surrounded on three sides by the clear waters of the Adriatic. Home to world famous Stari Grad, the old city, Split boasts every luxury you can fantasize about. From the simple local eateries to jet-setting Michelin star restaurants. From night clubs to water adventure parks. This is a city big enough to get lost in and small enough to enjoy that.


Milna is a town on the west coast of the island of Brac. This town sits in a shallow water location, as well as placing its harbor in the most sheltered part of the peninsula. Milna was a strategic location for Venetian fleets in the middle ages and Russian fleets in the 19th century. It is also the only island town that was shelled during the 1991 war of independence.

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Day 2

Bol is the oldest town on Split island, and the Ztalni Rat beach is world famous, and the best known and most beautiful beach in Croatia. Bol is always full in season.


Hvar island is known for excitement and wonderful times, one of those exciting places to visit is the town of Jelsa, located in a bay in the center of the north coast. Up until the 19th century, The island of Hvar provided a lot of wine, salted fish and olive oil, and Jelsa was the major maritime port and starting point for many a fleet in the Adriatic. Jesla is one of the most beautiful towns on the islands, and continues to provide excellent local cuisine, culture and experience to visitors.

The day's cruise
19 Miles
2:00 Hour
Day 3

Lovište was a secluded and isolated town at the tip of the Pelješac peninsula. Once a road was opened up to it, the town flourished and is now a popular site for the quiet life seekers. The island provides a perfect point for marring and enjoying warmer seas and longer sunny days. This is a spa like town, so its quiet and relaxing.

Kobaš Bay

Pelješac is Croatia’s second largest peninsula and located on the Dalmatian coastline. Pelješac starts from Ston, going all the way up to the top of Cape Lovišta, and is 65 km long. Pelješac is made up of four municipal areas, these are Orebić in the western part, Trpanj in the northwest, Janjina in the center, and Ston in the east. The fortified walls of Ston are the second longest walls in Europe and were built by the Republic of Ragusa. Ston also contains on of oldest salt planes in the world. This part of Croatia is abundant in agriculture, with vast vineyards and olive groves stretching all along the peninsulas horizon. When eating local cuisine, you will be offered an abundance of oysters (which are farmed in the Ston Oyster farms), figs and some of the worlds best olive oil, all washed down with amazing local wine. One of the best locations to harbor is in the marina of the bay of Kobaš.

The day's cruise
59 Miles
6:00 Hour
Day 4
Mljet Island

When sailing to Croatia, you must anchor off Mjet. This is the greenest island, thick with vegetation bordering on clear sandy beaches. The sea life surrounding this island is as abundant as the foliage covering its surface. The residents of this island are renowned for their olives, goat cheese and red and white wines. The northern side of this island is home to the world famous Mljet National Park.

The day's cruise
19 Miles
2:00 Hour
Day 5
Korčula Island

Korčula is the birth island of Marco Polo, the famous explorer that ventured along the Silk Road all the way to China. The island of Korčula is built over an ancient Hellenic colony, so its history is over 2,500 years old. The island is located in the Dalmatian coast and is connected to the mainland via a frequent ferry. Korčula is renowned for its cultural heritage and birthplace of many a famous artist. The town on Korčula (aptly named Korčula) boasts an amazing red roofline that hides the most delicious local cuisine. Local sweet dishes such as Cukarin, Rožata and Klašun will go well after a classic seafood dish of freshly caught crabs, mussles and angle fish. Local wine is also exceptional, and includes such names as Plavac, Pošip and Rukatac. If you desire to visit around the island you will find Badija, a small islet that houses a Fransican Abbey. There are many small islets dotting the area, so for the more explorative visitor, this is a great place to enjoy.

The day's cruise
37 Miles
3:45 Hour
Day 6
Stari Grad

Stari Grad is located on the north coast of Hvar Island. This was the Adriatic’s first settled island town, and in fact one of the oldest towns in Europe with Neolithic settlements dating as far back as 3,500 BCE (Over 6,000 years ago). Originally named Faros by the early Greek settlers, Stari Grad (Old Town) is now a thriving UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site that fascinates visitors seeking more than just culture. Stari Grad provides amazing local delicacies in old town taverns, and a lot of lovely cozy spots to sip local wine while enjoying the views that have been watched by visitors over centuries.

The day's cruise
17 Miles
1:45 Hour
Day 7
Šolta Island

If you are near the city of Split then you have to visit the Island of Šolta, this beautiful island lies 9 nautical miles off the coast of Split. Šolta is only 19 kilometers long and has 24 bays that support a multitude of local boats and visiting yachts. When visiting this exceptional spot, try the south coats where you will find the more vibrant coves, bays and beaches. Obviously, when visiting Šolta you have to dine on the local delicacies.

The day's cruise
24 Miles
2:30 Hour
Day 8

At the end of a charter holiday, and following a hearty breakfast, guests leave their charter yacht with wonderful memories of their time at sea. If you sailed out of Split without getting a chance to explore it, you must surely make time to do so after the end of your yacht charter. 

The day's cruise
14 Miles
1:30 Hour

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