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Lefkada - Lefkada (South) Gulet Charter Route

7 Nights / 8 Days
Start / End:: Lefkada / Lefkada
Duration: 7 Nights / 8 Days
Sailing Area: Greek Islands
Total cruise
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Day 1
Lefkada Island

When visiting Greece, you might start from the port of Lekada, or Lefkas on the island of Lefkas. This island has a swing bridge and causeway at the north eastern tip, connecting it to the mainland.  When you arrive at the part, you will board your yacht and meet your captain and crew. This is also a great tie to meet with your chef and discuss any special issues you want made available before you set sail.  After you have settled in, you can always walk around the town of Lefkas and enjoy the sights, but we suggest you eat on board your yacht. The chef will repaper you an amazing first night meal under the stars.

Lefkada or Levkas is the capital of the island of Lefkas, located in the North East where a causeway and swing bridge joins the Island to the Mainland of Greece.  You can board your charter yacht in mid-afternoon but departure is not until the next day. Dinner is served on board that night in the harbour.Lefkas fulfils a few functions including the centre of commerce as well as the top tourist location. If you want a quiet time, perhaps you should move on to some of the small villages on the Island? Otherwise there are plenty of bars and restaurants with information packs providing more detail.

The day's cruise
1 Miles
0:15 Hour
Day 2
Spartochori (Meganisi Island)

On a cliff overlooking Spilia port on the island of Meganisi, sits the majestic village of Spartachori. This wonderful town provides you with some excursive, as you walk up to the center, and looking over the breathtaking views. If you are not partial to excursive, then head south from the port, towards the shingle beach and sit at a local café.

Spartachori sits on a cliff above Port Spilia on Meganisi Island. If you are feeling active, why not hike up to the village, where you will enjoy an atmosphere of old world charm?  A couple of the tavernas own quays and pontoon. The South East part of Port Spilia has a small beach, shingles not sand, and is beach café where you might like to spend some time.

The day's cruise
12 Miles
1:15 Hour
Day 3
Kalamos Island

Kalamos town is the main town on Kalamos island, and is found half way down the eastern coastline. This is a great harbor for staying protected from rough winds, and it can hold up to 30 yachts. The island is popular to both Greek and international tourists, however the Greek visitors tend to locate themselves in a town further west on the island.

The main settlement, Kalamos Town, is located in the East half way down towards its southern tip. It provides excellent shelter whichever way the winds blow. There is space for about 30 yachts moored stern/bows-to on the Eastern breakwater and Western quay. Another village to the West is largely a place for Greek rather than overseas tourists.

The day's cruise
10 Miles
1:00 Hour
Day 4
Vathi (Ithaca Island)

Vath is Ithica’s main port and is located on the east of the island. The town itself is situated at the head of a long inlet, and has retained its originality, while providing access to many modern amenities. The cafes, taverns and restaurants all provide excellent local cuisine, not to be missed or passed over.

Ithaca’s main port is Vathi which is located at the head of a long inlet on the East of the Island. Four miles to the South is Kioni and five miles Frikes. Vathi has managed to retain its authentic Greek feel and as a result wandering around is a real pleasure. There are local tavernas and cafes for refreshments of all kinds.

The day's cruise
22 Miles
2:15 Hour
Day 5
Ayia Euphemia (Kefalonia Island)

On the east side of Keaflonia is Ayia Euphemia. This lovely town has recently upgraded its water and electricity infrastructure and refurbished the quay, making it a newly sought after tourist point. The town is located around 10 miles south of Fiskardo and it is home to an amazing bakery, as well as providing a good place for provisions.

Ayia Euphemia is on the East side of the island of Kefalonia, 10 miles to the South of Fiskardo. Considerable investment has resulted in a refurbished the quay.  There are water and electricity points throughout. The bakery is excellent and several provisions stores make it a place for you to restock.  
The day's cruise
8 Miles
1:00 Hour
Day 6
Fiskardo (Kefalonia Island)

Fiskardo is located on the island of Kefalonia. The island was hit by a powerful earthquake in 1953, but the town of Fiskardo was left relatively undamaged due to its amazing construction. The town was built up over time by the Venetians and their attention to foundations saved this town centuries later. You will be truly astounded as you approach this town from the sea.

Kefalonia was hit by a strong earthquake in 1953. Its power fortunately did not damage Fiskardo on the North East Coast too much. Other villages were not so lucky. The lovely Venetian buildings help explain its history.  The slopes covered in cypress trees surround Fiskardo making it a great sight as you approach from the sea.  There are some great restaurants and a relaxed feel about the place.

The day's cruise
12 Miles
1:15 Hour
Day 7
Vasiliki (Lefkada Island)

Vassiliki is a famous village in the south west of Lefkas. Its famous due to Eric. That’s the name of its northwesterly wind and is what brings windsurfers from all over the world. Eric is the predominant global wind that makes windsurfing in Vassiliki one of the best in the world. The village itself is just east of the bay, and is a small fishing village with a yacht harbor. There is also a commercial harbor close by, and the village has a lot of tourists and windsurfing enthusiasts all year round.

In the South West of Lefkas, Vassiliki is famous as a place for windsurfers, regarded by many as a match for anything in Europe. This is because of the prevailing northwesterly wind (known by the name ‘Eric’) that blows every afternoon across the flat bay. The village of Vassiliki itself to the East of Vassiliki Bay, a small fishing and yacht harbor. There is a larger commercial harbor close by. Moor either ‘stern-to’ or ‘bows-to’ on the inner harbour wall.
The day's cruise
12 Miles
1:15 Hour
Day 8
Lefkada Island

When you finish your voyage, and arrive in Lefkas town, take some time to enjoy the views. Walk around the hustle and bustle of this Greek city. Take some time to enjoy one last amazing meal, or shop around for some final memory to take home.

Just as it was a great place to start, Lefkas Town is also a great place to finish. There are plenty of bars and restaurants we recommend you check out. Our information packs have lots of recommendations about the best places to eat, drink and explore. 

The day's cruise
16 Miles
1:45 Hour

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