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How much does the holiday cost?

Category: Yacht Charter

Ahh, the million-pound question. Well, not that much, we promise! Guletyacht.co.uk can charter you the yacht only, leaving you to arrange the flights and transfers, or we can do the entire package. It's up to you. Prices are based on the cost of the yacht divided by the number of people traveling, plus flights and transfers. The closer you are to capacity on a yacht, the cheaper per person the holiday becomes.

The Guletyacht.co.uk charter portfolio includes an exceptionally wide range of yachts and charter destinations. The costs associated with each of these holiday opportunities are equally diverse: ranging from a few thousand euros to Eur 50,000 or more. To best assist you in planning your charter, it is important you advise us how much you wish to dedicate to this holiday. This information will allow us to quickly and effectively advise you of the most suitable yachts and itineraries that fit within the bounds of your charter plan.

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