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Yacht Charter Greece

Greece has almost 6,000 islands and only 227 of them are inhabited, so there is so much for you to explore when you’re choosing where to go on your charter yacht. Some of the most beautiful clear waters, exciting caves and islets and relaxing beaches to stretch out on can be found in the seas in Greece.

There are a number of yacht bases within the different island groups, such as  Mykonos in the Cyclades, or Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea, and Skiathos in the Sporades. However, the biggest and most popular base is on the Greek mainland in its ancient capital city of Athens. Athens is the starting point of many a trip, and they usually cover one of five areas, these areas are:

The popular Cyclades, but also the most affected by adverse weather during July and August.

The wooded Ionian, which is reached through the Corinth Canal. 

The Sporades, a perfect replacement location in July and August for the more windy Cyclades, here you will find many secluded white sand beaches and exceptionally clear waters.

The Argo Saronic Peninsula, this amazing location steeped in local culture offers popular folk dances, seafood restaurants featuring the popular calamari salads, and donkey traffic only.

Finally, you have the Dodecanese Islands that are best kept for starting and ending your cruise in Kos Island or Turkey.

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