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24 Hours On A Charter Yacht

Simply just chill out...

When you arrive at your destination and board the yacht, your first and last days will be different from the remainder of the trip. Every day brings unique experiences, but each day has similarities that lock into place that secure and comfortable feeling of pleasure. Let`s take a look at what usually happens in a 24 hour gulet day.


Morning is relative to the person waking up; you can be an early riser and watch the sunrise, or a regular riser and wake up with the sun shining through your porthole (window in marine terminology) and dependant on where you anchored, you could start the day with any number of activities. 

Consider waking up in port or harbor; you could take an early morning walk, perhaps visit the local bakery and buy some freshly baked bread. Or you could let your chef handle all the breakfast business and just sit down to an enjoyable breakfast on the yacht. When you are anchored off the coastline overnight, some sporty individuals will wake up and jump into the sea for an early exhilarating splash.

After breakfast is served, usually, you weigh anchor and sail off to the next destination, enjoying the view along the way and preparing for the next itinerary challenge. If, however you arrived at night to a specific destination with a landside activity, then you would spend the day anchored and on land.

During the entire day, you are not limited to the food, drink, and activities that are stocked on board; you just need to ask your stewardess or chef for whatever snack or activity you want.


Lunch can be landside in a local taverna, or it could be on the yacht with a specially prepared lunch designed to satisfy every diner`s palate. Some guests like to enjoy a small nap or relaxing afternoon away from the blistering noon sun. The sporty ones prefer to jump right into the water and not miss out on the hot sun cool water activities. 

If you are landside, then you will either complete the excursion or landside activities and towards the afternoon head back to the yacht for a respite, and prepare for weighing up the anchor.


Generally, afternoons are split between early and late. The early afternoons can be the time to relax on board in the shade, and later afternoons are for enjoying a great onboard treat and possibly sailing to the next destination after spending a day enjoying landside activities.

The next leg of the way will be around 2 hours, and your port of call can be anything from a secluded beach to a bustling port. When you arrive, it will be evening, and time to prepare for a fantastic nightlife experience or a quiet night under the stars.


If you are anchored at a port of call, you will consider looking around for a popular restaurant, bar or nightlife experience. The size of the village or city will decide the variety of choice. However, it is always great to take a stroll along the coastlines at night and enjoy the lights, sounds, and festivities of every port of call, each one unique and inviting in its own way. After enjoying a great time on the town, you head back to the yacht for a good nights sleep.

If you are anchored off a secluded beach, and not in a port of call, then nights will be filled with chef dining under the skies and a possible night time swim under the secure eyes of your Captain and Stewardess.

By the way, we are not talking about lots of swimming, snorkeling, enjoying watersports, listening to your favorite songs, reading your favorite book, laughing, getting drunk etc. Simply just chill out...

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