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Yacht Charter Management

If you wish to use the yacht you own or you are thinking of purchasing, for your own for a few weeks in a year and to rent it through us for the periods when it will be empty, you can join our professional yacht charter management program.

Within gulet charter management program, your yacht is rented via web pages with multi-language support, internet promotion and advertisement,  tour operators with whom we make international cooperation, the fair promotions we participate, our customer representatives and marketing department, that are expert in their fields, in the most profitable way for you, by promoting your yacht in international market its value is increased and you obtain an additional income apart from the fact that your routine yacht expenses are covered.

How can I rent my yacht via you ?

First of all, the yacht you want to rent must be anchored at any harbor in Bodrum, Göcek, Fethiye or Marmaris, and it must have at least 3 cabins with a shower and it mustn’t be older than 15 years. If the yacht you own meets these criteria, please provide us general information about your yacht by filling the form below in order to start the process. By contacting you as soon as possible, our customer representatives will convey you all the necessary details.

Before contacting us!

Before contacting us, we’d like to mention the subjects which you might be curious about, by generally telling about the system related with our yacht charter management program.  However, we’d be glad if you called us within the working hours for further information.

We can analyze our yacht charter management program under three different titles.

1st Alternative - Central Agency

After having reached an agreement about upon the rental periods, prices and all the necessary details about your yacht, a mutual “Center Agency Contract” with a certain period, is signed. 

With this contract, our company becomes responsible about the marketing, advertisement and charter services of your yacht. You or another person/agency except for us cannot rent your yacht without our mediation or set a price. They either direct the customer to us or can convey the availability information or the price including the commission to their customer for the possible charter demands. 

Existing yacht crew continues their job in this system, however if our company finds out that some of the existing crew is insufficient in terms of customer relations or experience, crew can be replaced, in coordination with the yacht owner.

The expenses that may incur during the rental term are divided as specified in our contract and none of the parties is led to make any extra payments apart from those they are responsible for.

In this system our company is liable to pay the prices agreed upon with the yacht owner, without any deductions and as a net price, for each reservation. A certain percentage of the payments are paid to the yacht owner at the reservation and the rest is paid at the end of the tour at the latest.

This system is the most profitable “yacht charter management” system with the chance to make sales at the highest occupancy possible as the agencies apart from the center agency can also rent, with the yacht owner taking minimum risk.

2nd Alternative  - Ask - Sell System

In this version of our yacht charter management program, yacht owner doesn’t have to entrust his yacht to any agency or person or make any contracts.

In this system where the prices are set at the beginning of the reservation year, tracking the reservation vacancy and occupancy of the yacht is the responsibility of the yacht owner.

If any of the customers of our company is looking for a yacht having the criteria of your yacht, in line with the availability information we obtained from you, we give the necessary information to our customers and try to rent your yacht.  In this system there is no charter guarantee. However we’d like to emphasize that our professional sales team will make the best effort they can in order to obtain the maximum charter graphic for your yacht.

3rd Alternative  - Long Term Charter

Our company can rent your yacht completely except for the dates during which you’ll use it for your own holiday. In this system, as you’ll receive the annual rental price anyway, the risk that whether the yacht is rented or not, will not affect you.

The expenses to be incurred by the yacht owner in the other alternatives such as yacht crew, fuel, harbor prices etc. becomes completely our responsibility in this system. However, the only negative side of the system is the possibility that it will have lower prices/ profit margins when compared with the other systems.   For detailed information, please contact us.

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