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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Office and season-opening announcement. 

We are pleased to inform you that after a temporary cessation of our activities due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all of our offices are currently open.

Following the authorization approved by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure - Maritime General Administration; we inform you that we are resuming all our activities and that we will begin to officially welcome all our honorable customers on board our boats from 1st June 2020, and this in accordance with the letter of 27th May 2020, stipulating the respect of precautionary measures the following commercial yachts and primitive wooden ships:


1- The activities of commercial yachts from June 1, 2020 are carried out in accordance with the social distance plan in the event that the visit is made with a closed group (family, close relatives and friends), and if it is done with a group of different people.

2- The boats must be regularly disinfected, a complete disinfection must be provided before each change of tour, and the certification of this process is verified by the port authority when obtaining the cruise license.

3- In the case of a visit with a group of crew and different people, personal protective equipment is used by these people, masks, gloves, etc. (It is not wanted for people who travel together, stay together and belong to the same family.)

4- The hand sanitizer is placed in the common area of the yacht.

5- At the boat entrances, customers are greeted with devices. Contactless infrared fever thermometer without contact and hand disinfection materials. Personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are provided to be provided to customers upon request. Temperature measurements (frontal fever) are made to the staff before the visit and as needed.

6- Information is requested from boaters, guests and customers on the places they have visited in the past 14 days, if they have chronic diseases, COVID-19, and their files are kept.

7- After the start of the tour and during the Yacht cruise, guests are no longer accepted either from other yachts or from land.

8- The procedures to be applied to clients and staff showing signs of the disease are carried out according to the COVID-19 guide published by the Ministry of Health. For the accommodation of maritime tourism vehicles; in the event of detection of suspicious guests or staff, the authorities are informed, the patient is isolated by the health establishment until the transfer is taken care of, and the services are provided by staff who have taken safety precautions. In the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis, all contact areas are ventilated after stopping service and disinfected with equipment that complies with standards. Boats cannot be embarked on a new voyage until they are completely disinfected.

9- Written and visual information panels concerning the COVID-19 measures and rules to apply and follow, are organized at the entrance or outside of the boat and in general use areas where guests and staff can easily see.

10- If possible, catering services are served in sealed packaging under hygienic conditions. Service materials (forks, spoons, knives, plates, glasses, etc.) are disposable products that are made to minimize environmental damage, and are thrown in waste recycling units at the end of the tour. If no disposable product is used, the maintenance equipment is washed in the dishwasher. Outside the kitchen, cooking, barbecue, etc., cannot be done at the edge of the boat.

11- If necessary, other measures can be taken by the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Scientific Council and public institutions and organizations.

Also and in addition to all the standards, measures and conditions of safety and hygiene supported as mentioned above, we inform you that we have also updated our reservation policy as follows:

All reserved charters can be Refunded or Rescheduled free of charge at another date if the Coronavirus Pandemic recurs or spreads again in future seasons.

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