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With hundreds of ports and thousands of miles of coastline...

Yacht charters are the best way to explore new destinations, visit far of exotic places and mingle in multi-cultural ports and markets. You might certainly think that sitting in a hotel is a great holiday for relaxation, but then you might never have experienced the amazing stress-free and yet exhilarating environment of a yacht.

Yacht charters vary in price just as hotel vacations vary. You can decide what budget you want and then board an amazing yacht that will provide you with a 5-star service for the duration of your trip. 

Instead of staying stationary on land, you get to move around, sailing from one amazing destination to another. You get to explore rare exotic sites as well as tread on popular tourist attractions that would usually be inaccessible to you.

The Mediterranean and Aegean seas are rife with historical, legendary and modern spots. We will take you to places where only a few have walked, as well as worn cobbled streets where legends of old walked over five thousand years ago. Experience the unique exhilaration that comes with mingling relaxation with exploration.

With hundreds of ports and thousands of miles of coastline as well as myriad islands dotting the horizon, you get an unsullied view of nature every moment of your holiday. With excellent living conditions, unhampered access to the sea, swimming, and sports. Every yacht will pamper you with scrumptious meals and a never-ending source of beverages.

Once you have decided on your itinerary, a team of dedicated professionals including your yacht’s captain, crew and charter staff will all work around the clock to pamper, comfort and deliver to you a perfect, and unforgettable holiday, with memories you will cherish for life.

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