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The Advantages of Booking Early

Everyone loves a discount, and so do gulet yacht charter companies.

When you plan a gulet charter, it`s always best to prepare as early as possible. Location, schedule and itinerary, yacht type, crew, and additional comfort requirements all need to be discussed and acknowledged ahead of time. However, these are not the only actions that must be prepared. 

Planning a yacht charter is not as complicated as choosing a hotel, and the reason is that a yacht provides you with access to everything you need and more. However, unlike a hotel that provides a set service, a yacht is a bespoke holiday, and the client controls every detail.


Once you have decided on your destination, such as the Mediterranean with the Turkish coastline, or the Greek Islands, and perhaps Croatia and the Dalmatian. You must plan where your starting point and finishing location will be; this is to set where you will fly to and fly from. You are not restricted to flying in and out from one location, although sometimes that reduces the costs significantly, when factoring in flights, visas, and port fees.

Don’t fall into the fallacy that last minute flights are cheaper, in many cases, they are not due to the overbooking issues, which means, it`s actually cheaper to book earlier than late, you can get some early bird deals online. Also, you are not jumping on a quickie flight for a weekend, so dont expect that a last minute package deal will pop up, after you spend so much time considering the yacht and planning your trip, don’t risk it by cutting costs on the last minute flight option.

Choosing Your Yacht

Early birds also get the first yacht; this means that you will have a much larger selection of yachts to choose from the earlier you decide. It is not uncommon for some clients to book a year ahead of time. When you decide on your destination, or when you decide on your destination together with the yacht charter professionals, choosing the type and size of the yacht will be supported by a professional expert that will match your budget, your needs, and your desires to deliver the best options to choose from.

Itinerary Planning

As an early bird, you get to plan the itinerary down to the molecular level. You can find out from the charter team as well as check online where your trip is headed, which stops are must, and which are optional in terms of benefit. You can then plan all the activities and entrance fees to sites, as well as change these plans over time as more information comes forward. Remember the itinerary can change, just set the starting point and drop off location beforehand and fill it in with stops.


The logistics of a pre-planned charter are much more expedient and can be managed with greater efficiency by the yacht captain and crew, the charter team and yourself. The small things such as how to get to the airport, how to get from an airport and what logistics are required for specialty items. These can all be prepared well ahead of time, and in instances when the charter crew needs to find a special item, will reduce cost too, it gives them time to find the best options.


Everyone loves a discount, and so do gulet yacht charter companies. Yes, they do, they love to give a discount when the client is prepared to pre-arrange the trip early. Early planned schedules make life easier for all, the yacht owner can tick off the calendar, so too can the charter team, and once these calendars are properly planned everyone is a winner, that is why many luxury yacht charter companies provide incentives in the form of early-bird discounts.

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