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Gulet charter & cruises from Gocek

Gocek is a natural harbour lying at the head of the Gulf of Fethiye on the Turquoise coast of Turkey, just 22km from Dalaman International Airport. Protected by the wooded foothills of the Taurus Mountains, it looks out over the numerous islands and sheltered bays of this beautiful gulf.

It is priceless to be away from the crowd, alone with one's thoughts, communing with nature spending some time with friends, waves, and wind when you are sailing in Gocek Bays.

Gocek bays, located in the Gulf of Fethiye, form a natural lace work, each with a different beauty but joined by a harmony of nature. There is no place in the world, beyond the bays of Gocek, where you car see as many different hues of green and blue.

Gocek Bay leads the way with its perfect natural surroundings and hundreds of small bays and islands. You can spend the entire summer in Gocek's many bays and anchor in a different spot every day. Gocek also has four different marinas with a total capacity of 850 yacht. In addition to this an average of 2,000 to 2,500 yachts can be found sailing between Gocek's many bays and islands on a typical summer day.

It is easy to travel to Gocek and when you get here you will be free from all the stresses of modern day life. Voyages on the turquois waters guarantee that you will explore a creation of nature that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Perfect nature and peacefi harmony, Gocek.

Modern day Gocek is a pleasant village situated in Mugla Province of Fethiye County, located on the south west coast of Turkey. It was a small and quiet village until the beginning of 1980 when tourists began to discover the beauties of Turkey. In recent times, Gocek has developed quickly as its popularity increased in the region.

Gocek has many attractions for visitors arriving by sea: numerous bays, each more beautiful than the other and a scattering of picturesque islands surrounded by turquoise waters all combine to create an inviting vista. Gocek Bay's fine selection of sheltered anchorages and harbors to explore makes Gocek a popular stop for vessels voyaging on the Mediterranean. Sea and local accommodations include six different marinas that should meet the needs of almost any yacht.

Gocek is an excellent gateway to the South Aegean coastline and the Mediterranean Sea. It is an ideal starting point for many magnificent destinations over a variety of routes. With perfect green shores, paradise bays and turquoise waters. Gocek's reputation has spread all over the world and a long holiday season that starts at the beginning of April and continues well into November provides ample opportunity for a holiday visit.

Green pine forests surround Gocek, except to the south in the direction of the sea. It offers many choices to satisfy all holiday needs in a perfect natural environment. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association, have started a Sea Management Project for the Gocek region. In an effort to protect the trees along the shore, 205 cleats have been located in the bays for mooring yachts and it is forbidden to moor your yacht to the trees. Charts with the locations of Gocek Bay mooring cleats are delivered to visiting yachts by the pump out boat. Under the provisions of Forestry law Nr. 6381, you are subject to a fine if you moor your yacht to the trees.


Distance between Gocek and the International Airport at Dalaman has been reduced to 22 km.

Charter flights to Dalaman Airports leave very frequently from major airports in the World between April/May and October/November and less so between mid November and April.

Also there are many airlines that have direct flights to Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya and domestic airlines have regular flights to and from Dalaman.The flight from Dalaman to Bodrum Airport takes about an hour.

There is an all-year-round ferry service operating from Marmaris to Rhodes and a summer only service between Fethiye and Rhodes.

For those visitors coming to Gocek by road, the distances from the surrounding towns and cities are as follows:

  • Dalaman Airport : 22 km
  • Bodrum Airport : 170 km
  • İzmir Airport : 280 km.
  • Fethiye : 28 km
  • Marmaris : 103 km
  • Antalya : 210 km

The summer season starts in May and continues until the end of October in this typical Mediterranean city. It is very hot in summer. March and April are the months for observing nature awaken with spring. The eco tourism season starts in these months. The temperature is not lower than 10 Celsius in the winter and reaches almost 40 Celsius in the summer. Sea swimming is comfortable for at least nine months of the year.

July and August days are long and hot and the nights are warm. June, the beginning of July and all of September offer a better combination, with warm days and cool evenings. The water in September can be especially warm in places. The months of May and October offer excellent sailing conditions and the opportunity to go trekking or fishing.


Average temperatures are; 30-36° in summer, 3-10° in winter. A maximum 52° Celsius occurred on 27 June 2007; a minimum -4° Celsius on 9 February 1976. During the last 40 years it snowed once here on 19 December 1992 and reached a thickness of 3-4 cm.


When you arrive in the center, you will see a long street called Turgut Ozal Street that offers many outlets for antique and modern carpets and textiles, gifts shops, restaurants etc. It is possible to find all your needs in this street.

Famous supermarkets Tansas, Migros and Bim - have branches in Gocek town, in addition to many smaller family-run markets that a everything that you will need for either yacht provisioning or self-catering.

While you are walking along the main street to the seafront, you will see smart, plain, quiet, restaurants, fish restaurants, cafes and pubs, all playing good international and local music. However, you should also walk inland a little to see the restaurants and bars hiding in wonderful green gardens, surrounded by colorful flowers. You will find the atmosphere dizzy with the flower aromas, your cocktail and the unusual high oxygen levels, which we know you don't normally breathe.

You can easily find a good restaurant for a local or international breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gocek mostly caters for yachtsmen and women; consequently there is very little nightlife in the town, apart from one or two very pleasant bars and a music/dance bar. As sailors generally wake early, sail during the day, and sleep early, the most active time in Gocek is between 19:00 and 22:00 hrs, during which time the many bars and restaurants are buzzing with clients. As is usual in most seaside towns there is a delightful esplanade along which you can see and be seen.


Gocek is one of the ancient Lycian settlements found between those of Fethiye and Caunos. Regrettably there are only a few ruins remaining from ancient Kalimche. The main settlement area is unknown; therefore no further excavations have been made to search further. Gocek is still keeping its secrets, as historical writers have not disclosed the region's assets and history in detail. Examples of rock tombs, monuments and baths can be found in the bays and along the Fethiye highway. There are also some ruins on the Tersane islands belonging to both ancient and recent history. One can well imagine the Daidalos and Ikarus legends to be true for Gocek if its geographical situation is examined.

The locations of the ancient cities of Krya, Lisai and Lydai can be found on the Kapidag peninsula that can be reached by boat. Boat trips to these places operate regularly and although the region has not been excavated fully, several objects have recently been recovered from these settlements.

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