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Yacht Charter Preferences

Remember, no request is too far to reach...

When you decided to charter a luxury yacht, you gain access to an unlimited world of options and choice. This is the time you need to sit down and write down every desire, need and dream you want to have with you when you set sail.

Preference Sheet

Before you even contact the captain with your requirements, you will need to discuss them with your broker. Your broker will send you a preference sheet that enables you to list every item, equipment and skill set you would want to have while enjoying your vacation.

After this, your broker will try to source a preferred yacht, at which point your preference list becomes relevant to the captain. On the preference sheet, you will need to list everything that is relevant to medical requirements, dietary requests, ports of call, sports activities and wellness requirements. 

Insurance and Medical Claims

Take note that any and every allergy and a medical condition requiring treatment must be noted on the sheet, your insurance coverage must include everything, you do not want to be uncovered for any instance.

Personalized Menu’s

One of the advantages of a luxury yacht charter is the yacht's chef. This highly skilled and professional chef will come with a few years experience of cooking for many diverse palates. You can meet with the chef personally before you leave port to assure that all your dining requirements are stocked.


If you or one of the passengers has a disability, make sure the captain knows of this, it is important that crew members know how to handle disabled passengers, and this includes wheelchairs and special medical devices. Most yachts cannot handle wheelchairs, a few can so make this known aforehand.

Fantasy is Reality

Remember, no request is too far to reach, and some might require a budget to meet the demand. Everything can be provided and will be provided, and you can make any fantasy come true on a luxury yacht charter vacation.

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Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal

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