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Yacht Entertainment Facilities

When you decide to choose a luxury yacht, check out the different entertainment options each one provides and compare them for your ultimate holiday experience.

When you spend a few million dollars building a luxury yacht, you don`t skimp on the entertainment facilities. However, these are not part of the functionality of the boat; they are part of the client`s design specifications. Most luxury yachts are built to order, and all come with different levels of entertainment applications. 

Clients that convert their yachts to charter yachts add more entertainment options to increase the attractiveness of the vessel when being compared to the competition.

Entertainment systems on a luxury yacht always include a number of slim smart LED TV’s of varying sizes, from 65” or larger in the main saloon to 43” or 50” in the cabins and staterooms. These large TV screens come with connectivity to IoT and other devices, and they all come with a large selection of movies to choose from.

Additional speakers and sound systems are added for enhanced audio performance, which will either blast out the latest music or provide a relaxing respite with soothing sounds. Apart from the TV screens, there are computer game consoles of varying types such as PlayStation, X-box and other systems that are attached to the TV screens and offer a plethora of games to choose from.

Apart from electronic entertainment there are also dance floors, musical instruments, iPad or tablets, and various games and boards to choose from.

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