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Archeological Yacht Charter

Do you wish to go on a time travel?

Let our customized archaeological yacht charter cruise be your time machine to take you along the same waters that sailors in the Bronze Age navigated. From the original ancient beauty of the turquoise coastline spotted with mineral cliffs and mountain ranges to quaint coves replete with archaeological wonders, we will be your guide on the most enriching cruise of your life.

Choosing our archaeological cruise will give you a chance to witness some of the finest art works of the ancient Hattians, who prospered in Central Anatolia between 2500 – 2000 BC. This time travel is guaranteed to help you capture rich moments of the ancient history by reaching out to the earliest ruins and sites in the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Cruise with us along the crystal clear and unpolluted waters of the Turquoise Coast... and discover archaeological wonders you’ve never seen before!

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