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Corporate Yacht Charter

If you are seeking ways to impress your clients or the public.

You have watched that Hollywood scene where the rich and famous ultra-Yacht anchors outside the bay of some exotic Aegean port and the sun shines off a thousand ripples on the surface of the sea. Everyone wants to be on that yacht, and most will never get there.  

Perhaps you prefer the scene when the moon shines off the bay waters, like a brightly lit Yacht anchored by the quay is filled with elegantly clad revelers, fine food, music and various alcoholic beverages. 

Today, getting on board a Yacht is not so hard. In fact, it is one e-mail away from becoming your new reality. A corporate yacht charter is more productive than any 5-star hotel. You provide your staff with the comfort of decadence, the efficiency of a marine commercial Captain and crew, and an amazing yacht to accommodate any size of event you seek.

Banishing Doubt

Most executives and organizers don’t immediately think of yachts as a venue. This is mainly due to their misconception of the variety of luxury yachts available, and their relatively affordable pricing. 

We banish you doubt completely. Modern charter yachts provide many facilities to accommodate all your requirements. These include:

Presentation equipment

Formal and Informal Meeting Places

Wi-Fi for e-mail and IoT

During your meetings and conferences, yacht crews provide you with a variety of refreshments.

After the meetings and conferences are over, your guests and participants can either leave or if you have prepared a mixed corporate event and cruise, remain on board for the remainder of the journey.

Executive Meetings & Professional Conferences

One of the best ways to gain executive support, generate true bonding, and built up a strong team is in an appropriate environment. It is a fact that the site you pick, the style you choose and the way you provide a meetings environment will lead to better results.

When you are planning a small professional conference, you don`t need to fall into the trap of finding a hotel. You can book a corporate yacht charter big enough for your participants and enjoy the close camaraderie and luxury that only a luxury yacht can provide.

If you need to arrange an executive board meeting, perhaps to show off your companies strengths, maybe to entice new investors. You don`t need to arrange a standard boardroom, you can charter a yacht and enjoy the wow-factor experience with your peers.

Product Launches

If you are seeking ways to impress your clients or the public. A yacht product launch is perhaps one of the snazziest ways to go. Fast cars, champagne, and a luxury yacht, what more could inspire decadent richness? When you launch a new product, you want the world to be amazed at how successful your. Building confidence in your customers and investors.

Corporate Entertainment & Hospitality

There is no better way to entertain customers, investors and other VIP’s that you want to keep happy, than with a corporate yacht charter. This is perhaps the best and most enjoyable way to truly bring out the maximum enjoyment factor for all. The experience you provide will overshadow any other venue that has come before.

Another amazing feature of a yacht charter is that you can organize it to coincide with major sporting or fashion event, and have your guests arrive in style at the port of destination. As you and your guests enjoy the respite, you know that after the event you will be whisked away back to the comfort of your yacht.

Team Building and Staff Incentives

Many companies are starting to wake up to the importance of building up camaraderie amongst their employees, not just executives. They are also finding that yacht cruises are a perfect inventive solution as well as a productivity booster incentive. When you want to build up a solid team relationship, a corporate yacht cruise was the perfect solution that beats all the old school options.

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