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The 3rd Advantage of Gulet Charter than Luxury Hotels: Versatility

Can you call up a hotel, any hotel and demand certain luxuries and equipment? No, but you can do that with a luxury gulet yacht. You plan your trip ahead of schedule, and you demand all the wonderful accessories that you want to accompany you along the way. 

The sky is the limit, and so is your pocket. You can book a helicopter pad with a squash court, or have a simple small luxury gulet yacht with only a seabob. It`s up to you. Do you want tow magnums of Crystal Brut champaign? Perhaps ten kilograms of the finest Beluga Caviar along with some Bolivar Cigars. Or you just want a simple trip, a snorkel, and some fine rustic dining in all the little towns and villages that dot the way.

Your decision, your choice and you can change it even mid-trip.

A luxury gulet yacht charter will cater for your every whim and is the ultimate in decadent living. Take this advantage and mold it into a reality you want. 

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