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The 4th Advantage of Gulet Charter than Luxury Hotels: Personal Chef

There is nothing as wonderful and delectable as a personal chef that delivers Michelin star meals and will cater to every whim and desire. You want fusion; you get fusion, you want Italian you get Italian. There is no limit to the range and knowledge of luxury yacht chefs; even Gordon Ramsey was employed as a Luxury Yacht chef early on in his career.

When you have a personal chef, you don`t have a set menu, and you can ask the chef to bring on personalized items and ingredients at any port of call. Sometimes you can just ask the chef to surprise you. 

What is even better is that you decide when to eat as well as what to eat, and you decide where to eat too. So, what is the difference between a luxury yacht and a hotel? Everything!

You get to dine formally or casually, traditionally or culturally, at night with fire torches, at day under the shade or in the sun. On deck, on a beach or even while floating on the sea. Let your chef constantly surprise you and pamper you for an unforgettable culinary experience.

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