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The 5th Advantage of Gulet Charter than Luxury Hotels: Amenities and Facilities

As you know, a hotel has a limited set of amenities and facilities within its grounds. You need to share these amenities and facilities with other guests. Anything beyond this needs to be found outside the hotel, which requires arranging travel and such.

Another major difference between hotels and luxury yachts is the accessibility to many different amenities and facilities.

A luxury yacht comes with access to all amenities and facilities based on your curriculum. If you want to play tennis and golf, then prepare the schedule to stop off at locations where these facilities are. Even in the middle of a trip, you can request a specific activity, and your hostess will find the best location, arrange all the entrance issues and deliver you to the facility by hand.

Its always best to consider every activity you want to include, that way your team can assist you in developing a route that gives you access to everything your heart desires.

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