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Water Sports on Yacht Charters

There are three types of yacht charter vacations, and they include sports, exploration, and relaxation. When you think of a yacht charter vacation, you automatically think of deep fresh cool sea water, and hot burning sun under a clear azure sky.  The water sports and activities on yacht charters are limitless. Jet ski, seabob, sub, snorkeling, diving, kayak, waterski and much more. 

You just need to ask aforehand to assure all the right equipment is ready for you when you arrive. 

Amongst the many sports and activities you can ask for include :

1.Windsurfing and kiteboarding need at least 12km winds, and these items are stowed on board the yacht. The captain will either seek out windy area’s or if the passengers prefer, they will wait until the right weather conditions arise, passengers have given the opportunity to enjoy.

2.Water skis and mono skis are on board waiting for you unless you bring your own. 

3.Canoes and Kayaks are towed along the yacht, or in the case of larger yachts are stowed in the underside. Canoes and Kayaks are great for novices as well as professionals.

4.Jet skis and wave runners are for those seeking high adrenaline action. Your captain will make sure the sea conditions are perfect, and then you can rocket away to your heart`s delight.

5.Sub Aqua Toys and submarines are available upon request. These higher-end instruments provide a lot of underwater fun and excitement. They require prior knowledge or a quick lesson before usage.

6.Seabobs can be used above, and below water level, they are eco-friendly and perfect for scuba diving near reefs as well as just enjoying wave cresting at speed.

7.Towable inflatables don`t need wind, they just need a good speedboat to tow them along. These are also stowed on board and taken out when needed. They provide lots of fun to families as well as grown-ups seeking a fast thrill.

8.Water slides are great fun for kids, and adults too. These units will come with a 45-degree sliding angle and are usually adapted to fasten on the top deck, giving you a great slide down the side of the yacht.

9.Inflatables and water parks are an added bonus for families with kids or grown-ups that just enjoy that extra bit of colorful fun. These are inflated on board when reaching clear waters and windless anchors.

10.Floating pools are great for your kids, especially when you don`t want them to swim without defined borders. Kids love them too since they mimic pools and together with a water slide offer hours of fun.

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