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Milos Island

Milos Island

Information about the Venus, the most famous of all statues of Greek Ancient Art, that was found on the island.

The wonderful island of Milos Greece has many things to offer to the visitors as the many beautiful villages which are scattered all around the island. The fishing villages are built according to the traditional Greece Cycladic architecture, with narrow alleys boarded by whitewashed houses and the picturesque mountainous villages have traditional Cycladic houses combined with houses made of heavy stone...

Some of them are: Adamas, Pollonia, Kastro, Klima and more.

The beautiful island of Greece, Milos, is surrounded by amazing beaches with crystal-clear turquoise waters and fine sand that can be golden, grey, white or red, depending from the beach. The diversity of the colour of the sand is due to the volcanic landscape of the island which has also created unique white, red or brown rock formations. Some of them are: Agia Kiriaki, Friplaka, Papafrangos, Provatas and more.

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